E. F. Andre (Chairman)
Societe de Navigation Maritime SA, Renens

R.A.A. Harnal (Chief Financial Officer)
Thomas Miller War Risks Services Limited, London

P.J.O. Knight (Chief Executive Officer)
Thomas Miller War Risks Services Limited, London

J. Miles 
Independent Director

N. H.H. Smith
Independent Non-Executive Director 

E. Verbeeck
Independent Director

A. Wingfield Digby
Giles W Pritchard-Gordon & Co Ltd

Elected Directors

Directors are elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting (Article 50).

The Board may also appoint Directors. A Director appointed in this manner holds office until the next Annual General Meeting after his appointment. At that point he must retire, but is eligible for election (Article 53).

Terms of office

Directors retire on a rotating basis, with one third standing down at each Annual General Meeting (Article 48). Those who retire are the ones who have been in office the longest.

Retiring Directors may put themselves forward for re-election provided they are still eligible. The Articles state that a Director continues to act as a Director throughout the meeting at which he retires (Article 49).

The Articles list in detail the procedures that must be followed by persons wishing to put themselves forward for election as a Director.

The circumstances in which a Director may be obliged to vacate his office are set out in Articles 54 and 56.

There is no mandatory retirement age.

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