BIMCO/BMP4 – Revision of Indian Ocean High Risk Area

Members will likely be aware that BIMCO have announced that its definition of the Indian Ocean “High Risk Area” contained within BMP 4 is revised with effect from the 1st  December 2015.

The UK War Risks Club’s Additional Premium Areas are not defined by the BMP 4 guidelines.  They are determined by the Club after consideration of the latest decision of the Joint War Committee’s listed areas of heightened risk.

The Joint War Committee does not meet to consider whether the existing Gulf of Aden/Indian Ocean listed area should be amended until the 9th December 2015.

Pending that committee’s consideration of the issue the UK War Risks Club’s list of Additional Premium areas remains as defined in Circular C1/2015.  This circular and an illustrative map for guidance can be found on this website.

The Club continues to keep the situation under review and any changes made to the list of Additional Premium areas will be advised to Members and their brokers by circular and via this website.

Should any Member or broker have queries regarding the Additional Premium areas and their application they should contact one of the Club management team listed here.

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