Guidance for entry to Yemen ports and waters

The Club has obtained the latest advice on complying with the requirements for entering Yemen waters and ports for commercial shipping.  The attached form as a Word document is required to be completed to obtain permission to enter Yemen waters.  P&I correspondents GAC Hodeidah have supplied the following supporting advice to that form.  The Club has produced an accompanying rough translation of that form for Members’ guidance although all Members are recommended to liaise with local agents to ensure compliance with the latest requirements.

Please be advised that all vessels has to obtain entry permission through the owner/charters is provable for quick getting permission number, and for the tankers just owner or charters or the receiver of the cargo can apply for entry permission.

All vessels calling any Yemeni ports that were controlled by the government of Yemen Port of Aden, Mukalla, Ash Shihr,  Balhaf LNG terminal, Saleef, Mokha, Ras ISA, entry permission require.

The ports which is located at Gulf of Aden & Arabian Gulf ( i.e Aden, Mukalla, Ash Shihr terminal, Balhaf LNG terminal) has to fill the application form ( attached) and to be filled in Arabic model with required information and should be sent by email to the Operations Unit of the Evacuation and Humanitarian Operations in Riyadh/Saudia Arabia to the ID mail as follow: 

The ports which is located at Red Sea ( i.e Hodeidah, Saleef , Mokha & Ras Isa terminal) to be request and access online through the web (  ) and should be send it with the required documents by email to the following address:

  • E-mail  : 
  • Or Fax : 004569802012
  • Or Fax : 0025321355241

The ships which were calling ports in Gulf of Aden & Arabian sea are inspected by the Saudi led – collation, and the ships which were calling ports in Red Sea will inspected by by UNVIM (United Nations Verification and Inspection Mechanism) in at Djibouti.

All Yemeni ports securing by the collation and the government forces.


GAC Hodeidah
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