Risk Intelligence Webinar 13 February

Risk Intelligence Webinar 13 February

Our partners, Risk Intelligence, held a webinar on 13 February on "War in Ukraine - the impact on shipping".

During the webinar, Kristian Bischoff (Europe and Russia Analyst) and Hans-Kristian Pedersen (Mediterranean and Black Sea Analyst) of Risk Intelligence analysed the impacts of the war in Ukraine on commercial maritime operations and how the conflict has evolved since the collapse of the Black Sea Gran Initiative in July 2023. A recording of the webinar can be found here and this is recommended viewing for the membership.

The webinar covered:
-       (0:00) Introduction by Jim Pascoe, Chief Commercial Officer
-       (03:52) – Ukraine Black Sea Ports [Hans-Kristian Pedersen] –Overview of the three Ukrainian ports that are operational, their capabilities and threats arising against them.
-       (08:00) – Russian + Russian Controlled Black Sea Ports [Kristian Bischoff] An assessment on the situation in the Sea of Azov and the operations of Russian & Russian controlled ports in the Black Sea. Including the targeting of Russian infrastructure by Ukraine in the Kerch Strait
-       (11:55) – Significant Events of 2023 [Hans-Kristian Pedersen] – A discussion on the significant events in 2023. Includes an assessment on the Black Sea Gran Initiative and the targeting of ports by both Russian and Ukraine.
-       (14:11) – Incidents Overview in 2022 & 2023 [Hans-Kristian Pedersen] – Statistical overview of incidents in the Black Sea in 2022 & 2023.
-       (20:38) – Black Sea Grain Corridor and Ukraine Humanitarian corridor the response [Hans-Kristian Pedersen] – A detailed comparison of the Black Sea Grain initiative corridor and the Ukrainian Humanitarian corridor and the potential for future trade using the corridors.
-       (23:37) – Ukrainian operations in Black Sea & Situation in Crimea - [Kristian Bischoff]  - Provides a detailed overview of the Ukrainian operations in the Black Sea and what future operations in Crimea could look like. Also provides an insight into the Ukrainian drone program in the region.
-       (28:50) – Retreat of Russian Fleet in Black Sea - [Kristian Bischoff] – Assessment of the Russian Black Sea Fleet moving away from Sebastopol and the threats they still face in Black Sea ports.
-       (32:01) – The conflict going into 2024 [Hans-Kristian Pedersen] – Insight into the direction of the conflict going into 2024 and the threats that may face commercial vessels. 
-       (35:30) [Jim Pascoe]  Q&A

The Managers have considerable claims experience from the Ukraine conflict. Should Members have any queries, please contact the team at ukwr@thomasmiller.com.

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